Our mission is to improve the quality of life for those living with spinal cord injury in the Australian Capital Territory and surrounding regions. Spinal ACT aims is to assist by whatever means are appropriate to the community of people with spinal cord injury, their families and carers and empower those injured to achieve their full potential. To find out more about Spinal ACT and who we represent click here.


If you are interested in becoming a registered member of Spinal ACT please click below to access our updated online membership registration form. As a registered  member you will be able to receive direct notification from Spinal ACT if desired. By registering as a member of Spinal ACT you will be providing basic information that will allow Spinal ACT to make better more informed decisions and gain a greater understanding of the community it serves.

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Follow Spinal ACT on Facebook to join in the discussion and have your say on all things spinal cord injury in your local area. Do you have something you wish to share? are you interested in connecting with people living with spinal cord injury in your community? do you want access to the latest news and information on all things spinal cord injury? Join us on Facebook now to engage in interactive discussion and make your voice heard.


The Spinal ACT committee has been brought together by the desire to better equip the Canberra community to support people whose lives have been changed by spinal cord injury. Spinal ACT is the result of injured Canberran's and those who support them uniting to share their experiences and work towards the development of life changing solutions for the many challenges faced when living with spinal cord injury in the ACT and surrounding regions. Our committee is focused on providing initiatives that aim to create new opportunity's that will allow the people it supports to thrive and advocate on behalf of the spinal cord injured community. To find out more about Spinal ACT's committee members click here.


Our news page is full of the latest information regarding all things spinal cord injury. This page serves to provide the Canberra community with useful and up to date information for people living with spinal cord injury and all who support them. Spinal ACT will also utilize this page to reach out and notify the community of future events including meetings, fundraisers and other community based events. If you have information you wish to share or would like to actively participate in Spinal ACT related topics and events simply visit our news page by clicking here or to contact us directly click here


NeuroMoves Canberra is now open! "NeuroMoves offers a range of exercise services to suit your goals and also your budget. Our exercise services are tailored to work around your disability to enhance your function and mobility, and increase your independence. NeuroMoves is also lots of fun and a wonderful way to get out, work out, and socialise with others." To find out more, please visit www.scia.org.au or click here.


Spinal ACT is 100% not for profit and run by volunteers who believe in making a difference. Our organization is built upon the desire to enrich the lives of people with spinal cord injury by means of contributing the community that supports them. Spinal ACT is active in community based fund raising initiatives and would encourage participation in any way possible. Opportunities to engage with Spinal ACT in such ways will be made available via our news page notice board. Donations to Spinal ACT can also be made directly via the donations page on our website.